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Adidas power-alley 4 cleats vs. NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats

Here, you will find detailed review about Adidas power-alley 4 cleats vs. NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats. They both are considered as weightless shoes because of their light weight. However, if we are talking about their upper material, Adidas Power-alley 4 cleats are made-up of synthetic leather. This synthetic leather offers long-lasting wear experience. On the other hand, NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats are much comfortable with amazing cushioning due to the synthetic leather upper. But, Adidas power-alley 4 cleats are having Iron-Skinned Toe that adds more durability and become resistance up in the front.

In comparison between Adidas power-alley 4 cleats vs. NIKE lunar tout 3 cleats you will find that the sole of Adidas power-alley 4 cleats is made from EBA which make the sole super light and shock absorbing. In contrary, NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats have TPU plate with nice cleats for the excellent traction. As a result, after wearing Adidas power-alley 4 cleats you will feel shock resistant, more durable and more abrasion. With NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats you will feel light-weight and more comfortable. Adidas power-alley 4 cleats are more stable due to evenly distributed cleats. These evenly distributed cleats also reduce the pressure of the feet to make the shoe more comfortable.
The last and much considering feature for this comparison between Adidas power-alley 4 cleats vs. NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats is the tongue. In Adidas power-alley 4 cleats tongue is having crinkling and creasing. While, in the case of NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats tongue is formed of meshes material and is more breathable and comfortable. So, after these all feature and information which cleats will be your choice?

adidas alley 4
Adidas Power-Alley Cleats 4 vs. Nike Lunar Trout 3 CleatsVersus subline
PaddingMore Comfortable
Extra Padding
Not Overly Padded
Number Of CleatsIncrease traction to the ground
Evenly Distributed Cleats
Nine Cleats
TractionGripper Movement
Less Responsive
More Responsive
Sole Easiness While Hitting
Shock Absorbing
Nike Men Trout 3

Weight & upper

Sensation of weightlessness makes everyone more comfortable. So, first feature to compare of top cleats will the weight. Here, adidas power-alley 4 cleats weight as 15 ounces and NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats has variable weight. Upper of the shoes are made of the best material. Adidas power-alley 4 cleats made of synthetic leather, a diamond perforation with gloss baseball stitch graphics. Synthetic leather gives the long-lasting wear. Moreover, Iron skin is present at the toe region for durability, study and gives great abrasion. On the other hand, NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats are also made of synthetic leather. In NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats synthetic leather is lighter in weight and gives cushioning and comfort to the feet.

Lacing system

In these two products nothing unique about there lacing system. Both Adidas power-alley 4 cleats and NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats have the traditional lacing system, Pushed down across the bottom. Lacing up is close in the front to lock everything. Such a lacing system is always provided to be best. All above such lacing system is more comfortable and durable.

Tongue of the shoes

Comfort also depends on the tongue of the shoe. So, the tongue of the Adidas power-alley 4 cleats is having crinkling and much creasing. Therefor, Adidas power-alley is much far in the case of comfort. Whereas, NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats are made of mesh synthetic material that result in the increase in the breathability and comfort. 

Cleats material and shape

There is special about the sole of adidas power-alley 4 cleats. Firstly, talking Adidas power-alley 4 cleats sole it is EBA sole at the mid of the shoe. As a result, make the shoe supper lighter and shock absorbing. Moreover, cleats are evenly distributed throughout the bottom of the shoe to reduce the pressure. In addition, it causes increase in the traction of the shoe and make it more gripper. In contrary, to Adidas power-alley 4 cleats NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats are made of TPU martial. Certainly, it is a nine cleats shoe configuration for the excellent traction and durability. Six cleats are of full length and smaller metal in the fore foot. Remaining three cleats are at the heel area for the balance in the shoe. In short, these NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats are very comfortable and adorable.

Feel and sizing

As adidas power-alley 4 cleats are the product of synthetic leather which make it soft and gives the feeling of comfort. After wearing this product, one’s feet will feel nice and energized. Here If we talk about the fit and sizing the sizing of both the product is same. Whereas adidas is a softer product so can be fit to many. NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats are also made from the synthetic material with light weight and more comfort. It can also fit to any because of the soft leather and breathable material.


Moving to the conclusion, foremost talking about adidas power-alley 4 cleats, these cleats are comfortable, breathable with extra padding, sole is super absorber of shocks and give the sensation of energized and nice. Adidas power-alley is light weight too. However, NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats are more breathable and comfortable due to the tongue, more cushioning is found, can be fit to anyone. NIKE lunar trout 3 cleats leather is much lighter in weight.

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