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Adidas vs. PUMA New Product Comparison

Want Adidas vs. PUMA new product comparison? Yes! Here you will find the all about Adidas vs. PUMA new product comparison specifically talking about Adidas Copa 19.1 vs. PUMA one 5.1. Which is better? And what is the unique feature which makes it better? Firstly, let’s compare the weight of Adidas Copa 19.1 vs. PUMA one 5.1. Adidas bears 8.8 ounces whereas PUMA one 5.1 bears 7.4 ounces.

Adidas vs. PUMA new product comparison product has a bit difference in the weight. But both give the feeling of lighter weight. Here, we can’t say anything yet about Adidas vs. PUMA. Let us see more fact and features. Moreover, both have leather upper Adidas Copa 19.1 is made of Kangaroo leather upper, makes the shoes soft and give sensation of pillow. Similarly, PUMA one 5.1 is formed by the leather upper with extra padding, gives the sensation of pillow. But Adidas Copa 19.1 is little stiffer due to Mesh synthetic material.

Now jump to next feature of Adidas vs. PUMA new product comparison, the lacing system. So, the look of lacing system is not so different from each other. Adidas is having single lace hole at medial side and dual lace hole at lateral side. Sole plate of Adidas Copa 19.1 is super flexible, makes it unique. Here you will get a lot more about Adidas vs. PUMA new product comparison specifically Adidas Copa 19.1 vs. PUMA one 5.1.

Adidas copa 19.1
Adidas Copa 19.1 vs. PUMA one 5.1Versus subline
WeightLighter Sensation
8.8 ounces
7.4 ounces
PaddingMore Comfortable
Little Padding
Not Overly Padded
TongueIncreases Comfort Level
Burrito Style
Tongue None Crinkling
TractionGripper Movement
More Responsive
Less Responsive
Sole FlexibilityEasiness While Hitting
PUMA one 5.1

Weight & upper

PUMA one 5.1 weight 7.4 ounces which is a much lighter weight as compared to Adidas Copa 19.1 who weighs 8.8 ounces. Both are lighter which is because of the material they are made up of. The upper of PUMA one 5.1 is made up of leather and is goldilocks sweet. But, not overly padded. Due to this feature, this shoe gives the pillow-like sensation. Upper of the PUMA one 5.1 is not so thin, to manage this sensation extra formic element is added in the leather. Due to this, the shoe is long pinging to ball as well as shooting is adorable. In contrary to PUMA one 5.1 Adidas Copa 19.1 have mesh base synthetic material which made it stiffer with firmer fused feeling. Here, in Adidas Copa 19.1 forefoot is made of kangaroo leather with fusion skinned it also gives a pillow-like feel.

Lacing system

Adidas vs. PUMA new product Comparison shows lacing system of the PUMA one 5.1 it is sprint-web with a soft and pliable feel. Though pushed to the middle of the boot which is quite traditional. Similarly, Adidas Copa 19.1 is upper knitted, pushed down the middle. Adidas Copa 19.1 is having a unique lacing with a signal lace hole at the medial side. While dual lace hole on the lateral side makes it more comfortable and fit. PUMA one 5.1 has Evo-Knitt collar, make it more stabilizes the feet for lateral hard cut. Evo-Knitt collar reduces the movement of the feet inside the boots. Contrarily, Adidas Copa 19.1 is tighter due to its exclusive lacing system.

Tongue of the shoes

Tongue of PUMA one 5.1 is known as non-crinkling non-creasing because of shorter length. Whereas, Adidas Copa 19.1 is having a burrito-style tongue with a plasticky feeling material. A unique elastically gusset is present on the medial side to the backside of the tongue down across the top of the shoe. Preventing it from sliding around it, makes it wrap tightly around the feet. But that can be a little uncomfortable to some.

Sole construction

Sole is a vital part of the shoes. So, here we will compare the sole construction of both PUMA one 5.1 and Adidas Copa 19.1. PUMA one 5.1 is a rapid-sprint outsole which results in it to be flexible with the natural running motion. On the other hand, Adidas Copa 19.1 is formed of exo-frame soleplate with a rigid sensation, but it is flexible. 

Stud plate and blade shape

PUMA one 5.1 is having stud on the forefoot and heel area. However, Adidas Copa 19.1 is having the same layout seen since 2010 with different shape of stud’s blades. The blade found in the forefoot and heel area of PUMA one 5.1 is of conical shape with a little longer length. Beside long blades do not cause any problem. Instead, they make the rotational movement more wonderful. Whereas much effort is required of speedy movement. Here, we can also feel little slippage which is quite noticeable from time to time. As Adidas is having a traditional layout with variation regarding the shape of the blades, some are triangular, and some are conical. Adidas Copa 19.1 gives a traditional feeling according to the layout.

Feel and sizing

Due to the soft leather and extra padding present in the PUMA one 5.1 makes it more comfortable and performing package. Whereas, Adidas Copa 19.1 gives a stiffer feel because of the Mesh base synthetic material. Especially at the middle foot on the medial side. Somehow, kangaroo leather made Adidas Copa 19.1 super soft and super flexible on the other hand Mesh synthetic martial made it stiffer flaring at the side due to the burrito tongue. So, here PUMA one 5.1 is more comfortable and softer. Sizing of both PUMA one 5.1 and Adidas Copa 19.1 is the same as both are the top brands.


If we talk about conclusion PUMA one 5.1 is a redesigned leather upper product with a sprint-web lacing system, non-crinkling, non-creasing, rapid-sprint outsole, and evoKnitt collar. Makes PUMA one 5.1 a very adorable product with the sensation of comfort and ease without cramping and pain. Whereas, Adidas Copa 19.1 is a little stiffer shoe made of kangaroo leather with fusion of Mesh base Synthetic material. Makes the upper soft but stiffer from the cut and mid of the sole. Adidas Copa 19.1 is a lockdown and a tight fit shoe because of the burrito tongue with extra adjustability and decent width at the forefoot. Make Adidas Copa 19.1 easy to fit any foot. So, after going through all these features and review which pair will be your choice?


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