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In this article you will read about the Hiking, relation of Hiking with hiking shoes and boots. In brief you will also get information about the specifications that should be there in the Hiking shoes and boots while your purchasing a pair of hiking shoes and boots for the hiking plan. This article also gives information about five different countries and there top 3 hiking trails. So, in short you will be able to find all about hiking and hiking shoes and boots.

What is Hiking?

Hiking is known as walking on prepared trail for less to little difficult level, however it completely hinges on where you hike. Hiking is usually a tour of one day or a half. The trails may vary from a simple plane to little precipitous. It can be followed to mountains or may be to the coastal areas. Although hiking is much easy with little difficulties. Mostly hiking trips ends up at the same place where they were initiated. So, hiking is a kind of loop which ends at same point from where it is started. Usually, Hiking ranges from 2 hours to 8 hours but it always depends on personal preferences. But it is obvious long hiking will be difficult for the body, better to hike according to our body. Hiking is a good exercise of you physical and mental satisfaction.

 Importance of hiking shoes and boots:

 When we are getting ready for hiking trip, hiking shoes and boots well be our prime gadget for it. Because if we will go with the wrong pair of hiking shoes and boots it will be difficult to enjoy our trip. Maybe, they can cause anxious muscles or crumpled toes easily and very hurriedly. We always try to take lightweight pair of hiking shoes and boots for our memorable trip. Such hiking shoes and boots make our feet deft, and reduces the eruptions, also protect from being get dried rapidly, they also afford adorable traction to the ground for stable walk and don’t let our legs exhaust for long time. Here, some people also go for sturdiness and sustenance of hiking shoes and boots. In is article you will find the specification of hiking shoes and boots to make our right choose before planning a trip to hike.

Specification of hiking shoes and boots:

As hiking is a physical walk on a well-formed track. Here, hiking shoes and boots play a vital role to make our trip more exciting and memorable. So, before buying our pairs of hiking shoes and boots you should know all the specification which are necessary for hiking shoes and boots. Find all those specifications here to get the right pair of hiking shoes and boots. Those specifications can be listed as weight of the shoe, size of the shoe, traction of the shoes,  water resistance, comfort and fit of the shoe, breathability of the shoe, Durability of the shoe,  support of the shoe to the ankle,  sole of the shoe, heel to toe drop in the height of the shoe, and at last the price of the shoe. Now, we will explain each specification to you for our help.

Weight of the hiking shoes and boots:

Weight is the most important for any hiking shoes and boots. So, everyone prefers lightweight trail hiking shoes and boots instead of the heavy hiking shoes and boots. Because more energy is required to walk with heavy hiking shoes and boots instead of light hiking shoes and boots. So, substitution of a heavy weight hiking shoe and boots will help you to save energy for our exciting tour. We can say it is a vital step because it also saves from muscle exhaustion, minimize hesitant and it will also circumvent lap and hip flexor problem. As conclusion, always go for the lightweight hiking shoes and boots instead of the heavy hiking shoes and boots to make our trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Size of the hiking shoes and boots:

While hike our feet may get swell because of the long days of trail walk, so it’s better to always go for hiking shoes and boots at least a half size larger than our original size of shoes.

Traction of the hiking shoes and boots:

Traction is a vital part during hiking. Imagine yourself hiking along a thin niche with unstable shingle underneath our feet. Traction helps you to stand stable and walk safely when there is water and unprotected sections on the way to trail. Here you need such hiking shoes and boots which have extra traction to hold you firm and constant.

Water Resistance hiking shoes and boots:

While hiking for many days in drizzly area, soon our feet will also get wet besides of the type of hiking shoes and boots. It will be hard for everything to stay dry while there is moisture in the air. As, it is dazzling the rain water will leak down of our legs and ooze into our hiking shoes and boots. Sweat and condensation will also make our hiking shoes and boots to get wet. Even you have brought those hiking shoes and boots from a good factory as “water resistant hiking shoes and boots” but still there will be some holes that will allow water to soak in those hiking shoes and boots. After getting wet “water resistant” will become much weighty and will requires much time to dry up. For this reason, we always try to get non- water resistant, rapidly drying, frivolous hiking shoes and boots for the best hiking experience during spring, summer and fall season. But if you are planning hiking during rainy season or planning to go over the snow, then choose heavy wool socks to keep our feet earnest.

Comfort and fit of hiking shoes and boots:

This is the most important to the comfort and fit while choosing your hiking shoes and boots. Everyone have different preferences in hiking shoes and boots such as some like wide hiking shoes and boots over narrow, so it is important to go for such pair that can give you ease and comfort to your feet to let you enjoy your tour and feel happy. On the other hand, if your hiking shoes and boots will not fit your feet perfectly, you will be unable to take even a single step without the hesitation as a result you will not enjoy a single moment during your hiking and will get fed-up soon and will decide to end such a memorable tour so early.

Breathability of the hiking shoes and boots:

This is also a very vigorous point while looking for a pain for hiking shoes and boots. This is a fact that your feet will get wet because of the sweat most importantly when you are hiking on warm season. It this wetness will not find a way to discharge, it will result in making your feet-skin soft and make it disposed to swellings. But here is a fact that those hiking shoes and boots which are breathable are not perfectly water resistant and will be damp easily while raining but will dry up rapidly.

Durability of the hiking shoes and boots:

Durability is also an important point for choosing a hiking shoes and boots because it is observed that a simple trail runner can only last for 500 miles whereas hiking shoes and boots can last for 750 miles.  So, it you prefer a long-wear shoes they you will select more durable hiking shoes and boots. Here, hiking shoes and boots are more durable as compare to the simple trail runners.

Ankle support of the hiking shoes and boots:

This topic is the one of the most challenging topics while looking for hiking shoes and boots. This is your personal preference what you choose we will just give our opinions on this topic. We believe that while walking, ankle support is highly required. To get enough support, you should go for a pair with high upper hiking shoes and boots that are fastened tightly around your ankles. On other hand, some people with strong ankles will like to carry less to reasonable weight and they don’t even need some extra support for the ankles.

Sole of the hiking shoes and boots:

When every we are looking for hiking shoes and boots, we choose such hiking shoes and boots which have dense and profuse but soft sole so that you can experience a good hiking. Hiking shoes and boots sole is much stiffer so that it can last for long time. But if the sole of hiking shoes and boots is flexible it will prevent eruption.

Heel to toe drop in height of the Hiking shoes and boots:

Hiking shoes and boots are having drop in their height from heel till their toe which results in the increase running productivity. As compared to hiking shoes and boots some trail runners do not have drop in other words, they have zero drop. It means your feet is at the same distance, from heel to toe, with the ground. Here, zero drop is also not worse besides that it gives less stress on the body and gives out as a normal running.

Price of the Hiking shoes and boots:

Everyone wishes to buy such a pair of hiking shoes and boots that is prodigious in the count of quality because it is directly relates to your hiking experience. So, comfort and fit, lightweight good traction, flexible sole, durability and breathability needs some extra cost. But it is better to spend money one on quality hiking shoes and boots instead of spending money on low quality hiking shoes and boots.

Five countries and there top 3 hiking trails:


Pakistan is a country with a lot of beauty and came into being because of countless sacrifices. So, it is filled of unlimited blessing of God. Filled with adorable landscapes, tall mountains, huge deserts and natural forests. This beautiful country is in the central areas of southern Asia. This land is home of many historical and traditional legacy. Areas of Pakistan is containing many natural landscapes, mountains which are covered with snow, many waterfalls are also found there, it also owes crystal clear water lakes. These all makes Pakistan a very admirable place where everyone wishes to visit. Because of its natural beauty Pakistan is having huge number of tourists. Many tourist and local people are interested hiking. So here, are the three most popular hiking trails of Pakistan.

  1. Miranjani track:

Miranjani is located at the highest peak of Galyat Region in the District of Abbottabad. Present in the Namli Maira area, 5miles from Islamabad. This is the attraction of the hikers. It takes 3 hours from the Nathia Gali to reach the by taking steep. This track is comparatively easy to hike as other are having much difficulties. One more way is there that starts from Abshaar hotel. Here, from Miranjani you can take many petite saunters done the pine forests in the park. This peak also offers the view of Azad Kashmir, Jhelum River, Abbotabad City, Havelian and Thandiani. This track measures as 4.69 kms net boost of about 600m. Miranjani is a cold atmospheric region.

  1. Mushkpuri Track:

Mushkpuri a mountain at Mathia Gali in the district of Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is about 56 miles from Islamabad and is above Dunga Gali. It is also known as the second highest peak of Galyat Region. The track from the Nathia Gali to the western mountain is about 4 kilo metres. There is an other route of Steeper slopes to the Dunga Gali. From the top of the Muskhpuri Circle Bakote, Jhelum river, Azad Kashmir and some southern area of Murree can be seen clearly.  The atmosphere of Mushkpuri mostly remains pleasant. This mountain is also gaining a lot attention of the hikers.

  1. Ayubia track:

This track is also located at the same region of Abbottabad district. It has different climatic conditions. Ayubia is cool in summer while little punitive in winters. During May and June, it is gently hot. The cool atmosphere sets during the monsoons, it gets colder till winds bring rains. This track measures as 4kilometres and is on third according to the hiking attraction.


Nepal is the landlock country situated in South Asia. Nepal is situated in the Himalayas region but also includes plain parts of Indo-Gangetic. As Nepal is situated in Himalayas region so, it has a beauty of landscapes. It has many tracks for its tourist. The top three hiking tracks of Nepal are:

  1. Manaslu Circuit Trek:

This track contains natural beauty filled with forests, rivers and beautiful plants of the Manaslu region. The people of Nepal are very friendly and rich in culture.  A lot of wild life is found such as Tahr, Agali, Pika, Himalayan Marmots and and lucky snow leopard. This trek covers 177km. The starting point of this trek is Annapurna Circuit trek and ends at Besisahar.

  1. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek:

The trek of Poon hill is the one of the easiest treks found in Annapurna Sanctuary. It is best trek for those hikers who are going to hike for the first time. There are many guesthouses and hotels on the way which let the hiker to find some place to stay and to get energy by eating something. The distance of in Poon Hill is 40km and requires 3-4 days to complete this trek. The starting point of Poon hill is Nayapul and the finishing point of Poon hill is Ghandruk.

  1. Langtang Valley Trek:

Langtang valley trek is among the top trekking destination of Nepal. It I located in the north of Kathmandu. It starts from Syabrubesi and ends to Kyanjin Gompa. This trail is the combination of alpin forest, pastures, glaciers, rivers and borders of Tibet.

United states:

U.S is country combine of 50 states which are covering a huge region of swath – north America with Alaska – northwest and Hawaii.   U.S is very rich in the case of hikes. There are a lot of hikes in the list of U.S but the top three among them are:

  1. Wyomung’s Teton Crest Trail:

It is trail of 35 – 45 miles. It is linking the most adorable mountains. However, it takes two to five days by the hiker to enjoy the best sense of the trek and the airy mountains. In brief this trek will slant your imagination of worthy hiking.

  1. Roan Mountain, Tennessee:

The 14-mile criss-cross of East Tennessee’s Roan Mountain Highlands through the geographical region path could be a true standout. Not solely is it home to the foremost characteristic shelters on the complete A.T. however, it conjointly offers up a few the simplest sedgy “bald” hiking in America. Consider it nearly just like the Southeast’s version of ridgeline hiking: You’re higher than the trees, enclosed by a ocean of flowing grasses within the foreground and an ocean of bluish-gray mountains irregular into each direction within the background.

  1. Buckskin Gulch, Utah:

In a region of labyrinthine and burdened of opening valleys as Southern Utah, it is not easy to say that Buckskin Gulch is the conclusive greatest open valley hike in the area. But it is the longest as well as the deepest open valley. For 13 miles there is a red rocky walled tunnel.  Which is very thin width but is so tall to block the sun rays. As a result, the hiker prefers to link the track to the Paria Valley for night time hiking. The most important thing to remember here is to check the weather forecast before planning to visit this place because a lot of flood threats are been observed. Second, the hiker should bring extra water more than they need because the hiker could get dehydrated so soon in this desert.


  1. Camino de Santiago 

Camino de Santiago is debatably the most famed Spanish ambulatory path, it is about 500 miles extensive track. It is a sequence of antique tourist paths that have been in use for a thousand years or more. It starts along the areas of French border and ends at Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela. The most popular among these trails is starting at Saint Jean Pied de Port. The flat and the easiest trail with well-marked and paved tracks. Very little technical walk is required for the main routes. As, all the treks are well-maintained so there is no fear of being lost. Many people believe that it is very admiring trail. Here, you will also mover thought bucolic villages and will able to enjoy natural views. This area offers hiking for whole year, but the most suitable months are April, May, June or September because these months the warmest the remaining months.

  1. Picos de Europa trail:

The Picos de Europa National Park Spain’s oldest national park exhibits very beautiful panoramas, such as peaks of dramatic limestones, plush valleys and very rich wildlife. This trail includes the Rutal del Cares also known as “Divine Gorge” the most popular routes. It goes over the bridges and very appreciative streams. Although, it is the most popular trail but is not only a single option for hiking. There are many other options of treks with different distances and difficulty level. This trail measures 12km with little difficulties which are the reason for the fitness. Trail is mostly flat but the main reason for this is the distance. However, you can also enjoy the beautiful views of crags and river below. The best time for hiking in Picos de Europa would be June and September in the slighter weather and days are longer. But if you are bird lovers than the best time for hike will be April May or October.

  1. Pico Sobarcal Trail In The Pyrenees

It is the mountainous region which makes a natural border with France.  Pico Sobarcal is a little difficult trail to hike with the wonderful experiences of culture. This trail is at the height of 2259m and gives the view of Pyrenees. The reach the highest peak it takes 7 hours. Most of the area of the trek is not some difficult but when you start moving towards rocky terrain you will feel little physical effort. Reaching the topmost of the trail is earmarked for the experts and experienced climbers, you are advised to not climb if you are not skilled for climbing. Take enormous views of rocky landscapes from the peak. You can also enjoy fast moving water and many waterfalls provided by Pyrenees. The best time to enjoy this hike is late sprigs and months of summers which are pleasant weather seasons.



Switzerland is a beautiful mountainous country in Europe. It is having different hiking trails, with different difficulty levels. The topmost trails of Switzerland are



Alps are considered as the best mountainous rang of Switzerland, so no tour would be complete without visiting this Alps mountain. For hiking at Alps mountain, you are not required to pack a huge backpack instead of that you just need a light daypack. The reason for that is the huts present on the way that can offer a comfortable stay with tremendous food to eat. This trail is well maintained and is very easy to walk on. The most popular range of Alps is Pennine Alps, that forms the border with Italy, as well as the Bernese Alps and Bernine Alps. You can discover these three trails easily on your feet.


  1. Grindelwald area

Grindelwald is a cuddling village located at Bernese Alps. Due to which is to provide the number of trails to be visited and discover the adjacent mountains. Grindelwald gives you the chance to determine the unique features of the region. The region of Grindelwald is known for its admiring décor, spectacular lakes and renowned mountains of Eiger and Jungfrau. Swiss landscapes are beautifully introduced by Grindelwald and you are not needed to be an experienced hiker to explore this region of Switzerland.

  1. Eiger Trail

Eiger trail is the easier trail to hike for a day to explore Switzerland. This hiking trek is comparatively shorter, measures as 6km and takes jaggedly 2 hours as it is soberly tough. The trek is about 4,000m high peak from the base of Eiger Mountain. The best time to hike on this trail is from July till October. But if you are interested in faster patrolled and little difficult track than there is an Ulta-trail covers 110km, share the North Face of the Eiger.

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