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Nike Jordan ADG Vs. PUMA Ignite NXT

Now, we are up to give a review about Nike vs. puma flagship sportswear specifically NIKE Jordan ADG spike less golf shoes vs. PUMA ignite Nxt golf shoes. Feature of both products are keenly reviewed to let you get information before choosing a pair. First and foremost, the important feature is the weight of the shoes so lucky both are not overly padded and are lighter enough. Nike vs. puma flagship sportswear both are designed very elegantly here, Nike Jordan ADG spike less golf shoes are formed of premium tumbled leather. Whereas, PUMA ignite Nxt golf shoes are made up of synthetic mesh material. But the products are formed of the best material. The lacing system found in both is the traditional lacing system that everyone knows from their childhood.

The next feature to compare Nike vs. puma flagship sportswear is their sole. NIKE Jordan ADG Spike less shoes are formed of the phylon material to make the shoes super light and soft. On the other hand, Puma ignite Nxt golf shoes are made from the Pro-form TPU that makes the shoe more gripper and have more traction to the ground. Due to this delightful material PUMA ignite Nxt golf shoes become more comfortable and flexible. So, NIKE Jordan ADG spike less shoes are softer and relaxed with elegantly designed shiny upper, super light in weight and much responsive to the ground. Whereas, PUMA ignite Nxt golf shoes are long-term, more stable and lightweight shoes. PUMA ignite Nxt golf shoes have more breathability and non-stretchy upper. Much more is discussed here. Now, after reading it will be up to you and your personal preferences to choose the best one that will suit you.
Nike Jordan ADJ Vs. PUMA Ignite NxtVersus subline
WeightLighter Sensation
Super Lighter
Comparatively Low Weight
Premium Tumble Leather
Breathable Mash Material
TongueIncreases Comfort Level
Traditional Tongue
Traditional Tongue
Sole MaterialEasiness While Hitting
Full Length Phylon
Pro-Form TPU

Weight & Upper

Upper of any shoes represents the Quality and comfort of the shoe. So, the upper of Nike Jordan ADG spike less golf shoes consist of Premium tumbled leather. Premium tumbled leather is natural grained leather that makes it softer and semi-luster. Therefore, the upper of the NIKE Jorden ADG spike less golf shoes are very soft and have a semi-shiny appearance with the Iconic Elephant print on the top with the design of the NIKE trademark. Here, you will observe a signature red accents throughout the shoe. On the other hand, upper of PUMA ignite NXT golf shoes are composed of non-elastic, water-resistant and breathable mesh material along with TPU PWR-cage and PWR-Frame that provides protection, stability as well as gives the experience of best performance. PWR-Cage makes the shoe incredibly strong and supper light whereas PWR-Frame is fitted at the points of stress for constancy.

Lacing system

NIKE Jordan ADG spike less golf shoes offer a traditional Lacing system and a similar lacing system is offered by the PUMA ignite NXT golf shoe as everyone learned to ties their shoes.

Tongue of the shoes

You are supposed to see a traditional tongue in both the pair of shoes. With not overly crinkling and creasing. But, then so provides enough support and comfort to the feet to experience the better game in the golf ground. Tongue observe in both the pair is quite soft and well-padded but, both are formed of the mesh material for the elegant look and comfortable feel.

Sole of the shoes

Insole of the NIKE Jordan AGD spike less golf shoes are made of full-length phylon that provides softness to the shoes and make it responsive with super-light padding. Whereas the outer sole is made of TPU material to improve the stability of the shoe while the golf swing. The bottom of the NIKE Jordan ADG spike less golf shoe is having a spike less bottom that provides long-time traction, comfort wear even when the player is not on the course and help in maintaining the exceptional traction. Contrary to the NIKE Jordan ADG spike less golf shoes the insole of PUMA ignite NXT golf shoe is made of Pro-Fit supportive and super soft material for excellent fit and comfort.

Micro-Thin TPU

You will be able to see Micro-Thin TPU as sole Shield that is found around the midsole to provide durability. However, the outsole is formed of Pro-form TPU that is more gripper and has scratch resistance on all type of surfaces.

Feel and Sizing

Fitting of the shoes is very much important as the other feature because due to the fitting of the shoes the comfort of the shoe is measured. NIKE Jordan ADG spike less golf shoe is made of Premium tumbled leather that is a very soft material, made the shoe more comfortable and lightweight. So, you will feel the lightweight sensation. More ease will be found because of breathable material. On the other hand, PUMA ignite Nxt golf shoe is made of non-elastic Mesh material super light in weight while wearing the pair of PUMA ignite Nxt golf you will not experience the heaviness rather you will feel protected and excellent fit to the foot. In words of traction, both offer much more traction towards the ground.


Moving towards the conclusion what we found in both the pairs. In NIKE Jordan ADG spike fewer shoes are softer and comfortable. The appearance is little luster with an elegant design. It is super light in weight and much responsive. NIKE Jordan ADG spike less golf shoes also give remarkable traction and stability to the player. Whereas In PUMA ignite Nxt golf shoes we will find more traction and long-lasting performance, super light-weight with excellent fit. Moreover, PUMA ignite Nxt golf shoes are more breathable with non-stretchy upper that provides protection to the feet. PUMA ignite Nxt shoes also offers stability to the feet.

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