Aquabionic abs World’s First Binding System For diving


Aquabioic abs world’s first binding system for diving fins, hybrid boots with the fin blades uses ski-binding technology. Aquaboinic abs world’s first binding system fins is a kind of revolution in the antiquity of diving flippers.  Highly innovative diving flippers instantaneously connected to the different flipper blades modular used different binding technologies. This innovation improved the meaning of diving with magnificently replace the standard foot packs, simple diving boots, heel-strips and most importantly the weight percentage that delivers supreme comfort and performance with much safety. It took around about 3 years to develop Aquabionic abs. The moto of the Aquabionic to standardize, much solid binding point between the boots and flipper-blades. The same technique applied in Aquabionic abs as used in mountainous skiing and Shimano’s bicycle pedal-binding system. With the collaboration with the ski-binding manufacture, a Y-frame developed for the world’s first binding system.

6 year After the development of Aquabionic abs world’s first binding system:

This development, considered as the replacement of traditional diving flippers to the hi-tech diving flipper.  After 6 years of the development of the Aquabionic abs the world’s first binding system, there are still many areas to be focused on such as model of the flipper, performance as well as the handling of the flipper and binding. But still, Aquabionic abs is better technology the that of outdated traditional flippers.  Barefooted sensation is the main motive of the Aquabionic Abs world’s first binding system. In other words, To create a balanced product that can fulfill the physical requirements and a modern design.

Performance of Aquabionic abs world’s first binding system:

Aquabionic abs world’s first binding system, just remove the material that do not help in pushing, the Aquabionic abs system reduces the weight by 35% as compared to the simple heel flipper. This reduction results in an increase in productivity. Aquabionic abs world’s first binding system also replaced the traditional foot- pockets, diving shoes as well as heel strips instead they give comfort, excellent performance and safety of the feet.

Unique modification to distribute force:

The main step for the distribution of force is the replacement of the traditional foot-pockets with hi-tech innovation. This considered as a logical step in the fruition of the diving flippers. These Aquabionic abs are aquatic boots are having a sole united technology for distributing the force unvaryingly into the “diver system”-avoiding the stress and constraint on the feet. The upper of the boot is specially design to stabilize the diving experience. Whereas, padding provides comfort along with perfect fit and protection of the feet, both while driving or walking on the ground.  

Aquabionic abs world’s first binding system as aquatic boots:

Hi-tech and advance featured Aquabionic abs world’s first finding system boots offer all sizes that can connecte to the flipper blade elements that vary in the performance, specification of the boots, and the style. These all feature replaces the simple foot-pockets. Diver can attach any size of the boot to any designed flipper-blade element. Aquabionic abs eradicate all such material that is not participating in the push to minimalize effort and the functional sole combines with that of ski-binding technique to increase the transmission of force to the pair of the Aquabionic abs.

Connect and enjoy the dive:

Like the countryside or mountainous ski-binding Aquabionic abs has a special mesh material combined with the binding and blades and results in intimate part and you will feel the blades as a lever on the fin. The clips of the Aquabionic are the parts of the elements of the blade but luckily will never come off even accidentally.

Parts of the Aquabionic abs:

Here we are going to explain the best parts of the Aquabionic abs world’s first binding system the world’s first hi-tech flippers.

Binding of the Aquabionic abs

Binding clip of the Aquabionic abs the world’s first binding system, made of the material combination that is typically used in the manufacturing of the ski-bindings. Their elegant design ensures the high-functioning and the protection of the diver. Binding designed in such a way that it gives the surety of the quality and prove that these flippers are resistant to UV ray and saltwater. The material also assure resistance form the fatigue.

Blades of Aquabionic abs

Originally Y-frame technology combines for the segmental flipper blades that are the number one standardize contactable flipper-blades for a technical boot. This offers a vital attachment to all present and upcoming sizes of the boots. Top of the list inoculation molding machines used for the manufacturing of the components of the flipper- blades. These machines are from the ENGEL and BATTENFELD. The flippers are made of effectively durable thermoplastic polyurethanes that can use in the various see shores and they can offer the flawless active recital.  


These carbon-blades are very receptive and influential and considered as the bond between the advance diving and that of spear-fishing and simple free diving. Carbon-blades increases the performance of freediving at a competitive rate.

WARP-BLADE ELEMENT of the Aquabionic abs

Wrap-blade is firstly introduced in Aquabionic1 flipper. Wrap-blade the best for the SCUBA divers and the advanced Divers. The main feature of wrap-blade is the spreading and cupping during diving. Wrap technology increases a diver’s kick instinct with the alignment and acceleration of the water in a unidirectional way. This exclusive technique allows the flippers to work even at the low force and increases the power and response when more force is needed for diving.


Hybrid-blades are considered as the best for the kind of activities during diving.  This is the combination of ease and comfort that a traditional paddle blade is unable to provide. Also read Qatar World cup 2022

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