Digitsole Intelligent Shoe

White sneaker are always in Style and comfort. White color associated with goodness, purity, creativity, joyful, affectionate, positive. Compare to black white represent positiveness. White means pure that why it is mostly used color in marriages in western world. In spiritual  world people like white. White shoes can goes with everything   in your wardrobe. White shoes goes with every season of year. People like white sneaker’s when doing exercise and running because of sneaker comfort. Most working class likes to wear sneaker because in long working hours it gives comfort to their feet.  Blue trouser and white sneakers is always in fashion.

See different brands of white shoes for men women and children. Great sneakers for your wardrobe. Different types of shoes for different types of professions like medical, cricket players, cleaners.

What’s inside the box of the Digitsole Intelligent shoes?

The shoes come in the premium shoebox. The packaging of the box is quite normal but bit thick for the purpose of protection. Inside the box there are four major things: the pair of Digitsole intelligent shoes and micro-USB cable and of course a user manual. There is no separate charging pad because the Digitsole intelligent shoes is having a charging port attached at the heel of the shoes.  

Charging System

This digitsole Intelligent shoes is the combination of Hardware and software technologies that are directly into the shoes. An interactive smartshoe that is continuously estimating and facilitating all with their adapted response. Digitsole intelligent shoes is not a wireless charging shoe its charging port is attached at the edge of the heel area of the shoe.

Digitsole Intelligent shoes a revolutionary product.

If you are the new technology lover, sneaker gleaner, health devotee, you are athlete, or you are simple daily life user who loves to wear designed pair of shoes then these shoes are for all of them. Digitsole intelligent shoes are fit for the huge rang of the user of different interest due to it following features:

Health assistant:

The sensor actives due to the movement will analysis the pronation and supination movement, actives level of propulsion, exhaustion, stance, steps, calories, and more creating accurate information that avoids damages and will expands your health.

Smart Connectivity:

It is a 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity that can be enables the modified training sanctions, also assist in walking outline and more in real time based on the smartphone app.


Digitsole intelligent shoes are the one of the best designed shoes that includes auto-lacing system, a temperature regulator for regulating the heat. Smartshoe is designed super light with premium leather and EVA Neotech.

Working of the Digitsole smartshoe

Connecting with Bluetooth $.0, digitsole gets the accurate data of the activity via a fitted hardware which will send the data to the iOS or an android smartphone app of the scrutiny. Feature that makes digitsole smartshoe to work are the motor, tracking system, sensors of movement, heating pad and the most important the app.

The Motor:

A motor is fitted at the back of the shoe, that is specialized for the auto-tightening and loosening system to function properly.

Tracking system: 

the latest tracking system is fitted inside the shoe, that is best for collect the correct data than any other wearable.

Sensors of movement:

Movement sensors get the complete data of stance, size of step and force required.

Heat pad:

A heat pad is placed to the bottom of the inner sole that transforms energy released from the battery which can be controlled by the app.

The App:

Just connect your phone and intelligent shoes via Bluetooth and control all the feature through the app.


Every shoes have some special features that makes it unique and interesting. Digitsole intelligent shoe also have some special feature that makes it prefect for the every kind of use. Those features are:


Weight of the is foremost point to compare the quality of the shoe. So, Digitsole intelligent shoes carries 18.88 ounces of the weight that makes it super lighter to feel barefooted.


The upper of the intelligent shoes is constructed from the leather. Special micro PU and TPU material is used to construct the upper of the shoe. This makes the upper of the shoe more comfortable and softer to touch. Due to the adorable upper leather the upper looks so shiny, glossy and trendy to attract the attention of the people.


Due to the leather upper and not overly padding the intelligent shoe becomes more breathable.  


The concept of the design is inspired by the car. The intelligent shoes are designed to look ultramodern, energetic and gives the stylish look. most important thing in the design is the opening of the which resembles butterfly door. Whereas the outer look is like the interior of the car. However, the shoe body look like lustrous exterior.

Inner and Inner sole:

Inner of the of the shoe is more softer and comfortable to the feet. A heating pad is present inside the sole and whole motors are fitted underneath the inner sole. Heating pad help to transform the energy from the battery to warm up the shoe.

Type of battery: 

The battery used in the intelligent shoes is Lithium Ion Polymer. LiPo is a batter that can be recharged. Instead of liquid electrolyte polymer electrolyte is used. The polymers used in such batteries are having high conductive property.

Charging cycle of the battery:

The charging cycle is more the 500 charges per shoe, which is a great in the numbers.

Battery life: 

The battery remains for the 2 weeks if heating system is not operated and 5-8 hours if the heating system is being used.


The sole of the Intelligent shoe is synthesis from the 3D grip rubber and a NEOtech midsole. These materials make the shoe more stable and responsive. The rubber soles also increase the traction to the ground.

Water proof:

The shoes material is made water proof so, you are to wear these shoes in any kind of weather or any land area. Due to the water proof nature the shoes are long lasting so you can experience them for long time.

Fit of Intelligent shoe:

Intelligent shoes are the comfortable shoes that have ability to heat the shoe. The shoe owes the technique of auto-lacing and heating that make the walk more comfortable and relaxed. When you just jump into the shoe the construction of the shoe will give you the ease for walking by accurate tracking. As the shoes are super light in weight so, the walk will be easier. The shoes are also water proof, so the shoe is long lasting. Also read Hiking Shoe.

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