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Introduction of Adidas future-craft 4D, 3D-printed sneaker:

Adidas released their first 3D-printed shoe concept a year ago. An innovative collection of footwear including biodegradable sneakers. This 3D-printed shoe features and very comfortable mid-sole and heels created from the hi-tech 3D-printing material. Prime-knit makes the shape the same as that of Ultra Boots. Adidas 4D-sneakers are super comfortable than anyone can expect. Many people assume the 3D-printed sole will give the feel of stiffness while walking or taking a run but is not true so far. These 3D printed shoes are super light because of the plastic material used in the manufacturing of the fantastically comfortable mid-sole. The first and foremost priority of Adidas 4D sneaker designed with 3D-printing is to enhance the level of performance and you can treat them like all other pairs of runners.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is far different from the normal manufacturing method apart from the tremendous benefits. Adidas revealed that 3D-printed midsole is like a “3D-web structure”. This web structure gives more flexibility to the bottom of the shoe especially when it combines with the soft knit upper. The most amazing thing about these shoes and 3D-print is that they fit perfectly on the feet.

Specifications of Adidas Future-craft 4D sneaker:

Below we are going to describe the features of the Adidas Future-craft 4D sneakers.

Weight of the Adidas Future-craft 4D sneaker:

The shoe is designed to reduce the weight of the shoes for this they exclude the unwanted padding. However, this means the weight of the shoe is super light and the feet will not feel the weight of the shoe. The pores present on the sole material in the pair of Adidas Future-craft 4D also helps to make the shoe lighter than others. You can see many pores on the sole area of the shoe and the material used in the mid-sole printing is relatively lighter than other. Overall, these all features provide the one feeling of lightweight.

Upper of the Adidas Future-craft 4D sneaker:

The upper of the shoes is made from the Primer-knit, the same material that is in used of many Adidas products. Prime-knit material provides breathability to the shoes as well as the space which will be required for the expansion of the toes in the case of the swelling during any run. The best thing in the upper of the Adidas Future-craft 4D is that it does not have any connection at any point in the design which helps in keeping the shoe appear as negligible. Talking about the lacing of the shoe, it is directly fitted into the fabric upper of the shoe and the eyelets of the lacing is not present.

Mid-sole of the Adidas Future-craft 4D sneakers:

Adidas Future-craft is not perfect just according to the look, but it also has a high level of energy return. Once you will see the midsole of the Adidas Future-craft sneakers you will find the pores present at every point of the mid-sole. However, these pores provide the bouncing to the feet that will be running in it. The mid-sole of the Adidas Future-craft 4D is elegantly designed by keeping all the aspects in mind.

Out-sole of the Adidas Future-craft 4D sneakers:

The out-sole of the Adidas Future-craft 4D sneaker is formed of the Continental Rubber. This Rubber is the major component of Continental Tires and that of the designer. As a result, Adidas Future-craft 4D sneakers are formed more durable and comfortable. Due to this rubber material placed in the out-sole, it is crystal clear that Adidas’ future-craft 4D is more durable and provides more comfort to the feet. This rubber material also makes the shoe more gripper than any other average runners.

Sensation of Comfort:

The most important thing for a person while wearing any sneaker or shoe is the feeling of comfort. Here, talking about the comfort level of the Adidas future-craft 4D sneaker they are amazingly comfortable. This is because of the material used in various points such as the upper, midsole and the outsole of the sneaker. These sneakers do not have overly padding sensation. The upper of the Adidas future-craft 4D is designed basically to provide amazing comfort to the feet while you are in them. The pores present at the sides of the sneakers, offer extra comfort and protection for a long time deprived of any fear.

Breathability of the Adidas future-craft 4D:

As Adidas Future-craft 4D are made of Prime-knit, that is best in the gathering the sweat. As the design of the shoe is having many pores in the toe and the side, that are there to provide the airflow and to avoid the sweat to stick in the shoes. So, the Adidas Future-craft 4D sneaker is proved as the best in words of the breathability. However, the increase in the breathability is just because of the pore and hole present at the side and the toe region of the sneakers.

Durability of the Adidas future-craft 4D:

The rubber used in the lining of the out-sole is adorable this not just to keep the look of the sneaker admirable but also to make it more durable. The foremost reason to select such a material was to make the shoe more long-lasting and gripper. On the other hand, the upper prime-knit is very thin and cannot provide the sensation of the long-lasting or tough.

Protection while wearing Adidas future-craft 4D:

The protect is also considered as the vital factor for the experience of the sneaker. Now talking about the protection of the feet while wearing Adidas Future-craft 4D sneaker. It is not wrong to say that the protection of the feet depends upon the activity that the sneaker will be used for. Adidas future-craft 4D sneakers are running shoes so we can expect the protection from the shoes. As the upper prime-knit is very thin and does not have much padding so it also does not offer much protection and safety. However, the whole shoe is having pores so these pores will not provide safety to the feet.

Responsiveness of the Adidas Future-craft 4D:

The outer-sole of the Adidas future-craft 4D is unable to provide the expected comfort as experienced in the Boost shoes but we can not take it as the disadvantage of the Adidas Future-craft 4D. The reason is it is more responsive to the feet of the wearer. However, the firm material in the mid-sole makes it more responsive when in use.

Support to the feet:

The sole of the shoe is a little hard as compare to the midsole. The midsole of the shoe is made of very firm material and results in the supportive nature of the shoe. The mid-sole is amazingly designed and merger with the twist of the underfoot of the wearer. The most amazing thing about the mid-sole is that it makes the Adidas Future-craft 4D more supportive to the feet.

Traction to the ground:

The Rubber outer-sole of Adidas Future-craft 4D is enriched in the terms of the traction to the ground. The outer sole of the Adidas future-craft is more gripper to any kind of the ground. The outer sole is not having any kind of specific pattern at the bottom of the shoes expect the small out growths which gives more grip to the ground.

Flexibility and stability of the Adidas future-craft 4D shoes:

The midsole is not much flexible, but we can say it is the highest range during the run. While the upper prime-knit material is much flexible during the run time. The lacing design and the sizing of the shoe in combination make the Adidas future-craft 4D more stable.

The main features of the Adidas future-craft 4D sneaker

The main features of the Adidas future-craft 4D sneaker are:

  • The 3D printed sole: This is the main and the foremost feature of the shoe. This is the feature on which Adidas future-craft 4D wholly based on.
    • Prime-Knit: The upper of the adidas future-craft 4D is created from the firm material named as prime-knit. It is thinly layered on the upper on the Adidas future-craft 4D, to make it more responsive and comfortable.
    • Bootie design: Adidas Future-craft 4D is designed perfectly boot shaped. The design of the shoe is perfectly elegant.
    • The rubber sole: The rubber sole of the make it a little hard and protective.


Adidas’ future-craft 4D sneakers are considered as a revolution in the ordinary and traditional design of the shoe. They are more responsive and stable. Adidas’ future-craft designed very elegantly and amazing. The outsole is porous to increase the comfort of the feet. But the sneaker is not much protection because of the firm upper material. Adidas future-craft 4D are not overly padded so, this is the reason for their super lightweight. Adidas future-craft 4D sneaker provides the sensation of barefoot as well as the soak like sensation.

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