Nike Adapt Self Lacing

An innovative lacing structure that will electronically fits to the shape of the foot. Get the right shape for every game and every step. In other words, Nike has introduced the high-tech shoes named “NIKE Adapt BB” which you can lace-up with the electronic buttons right on the side of the sneaker or also with the help of the mobile app. Nike Adapt has self lacing technology. Nike wanted to change the traditional lacing system to the modern one and impressively succeed in it.

Working of the shoe

When you step into this NIKE Adapt BB, an automatic motor and gears will sense the tension required by the foot and will be fitted consequently to let your feet feel the warm comfortable. The stretchy metier present under the foot will able to twitch 32 pounds of strength, which will protect your foot during the whole movement. Here, you can operate these in two ways, manually or by using the NIKE Adapt app on your phone. You can set it up for different fit settings according to the movements of different games.


Here we will discuss all the features and specifications of NIKE Adapt BB. We will discuss it upper, sole, charging, complete look and fit. So, let’s begin:

Upper The upper of Nike Adapt BB is made up of thick plastic key Mesh around the toe of the shoes. The Mesh material present on the upper of the Nike Adapt BB is black but as moving farther up on the sneaker towards the midfoot it gets to be a little clearer. Mesh material present at the upper is soft and flexible to the touch. Here, the fatty adapt system is adjusted under the grey area beneath the Mesh material. This is to protect the electronic lacing system. The grey area is made a lot stiffer and protective to protect the electronic lacing system from any bending or twist.

Breathability: Under the plastic key Mesh material there is white fabric also a mesh material that adds breathability to the Nike Adapt BB but where the electronic lacing system is fitted you will not experience the breathability because of the encased stiffer mesh material which is there for the protection of the electronic lacing system.

Design: Now, running up the center of the shoe you have got a knit black pull tab that has eight silver embroidered dots. However, at the top of the pull tab on the right shoe, there is an embroidered Nike swooshes. Whereas, on the left shoe there is embroidered the word “NIKE” in silver.

Tongue: This Nike Adapt BB shoe has a piece of bootie construction. Under the plastic Mesh, there is a separate tongue. As it is under the plastic mesh so, one will not feel the flex movement as expected and experience in the other product.

Inner and Inner sole: Inside of the Nike Adapt BB shoe there is a well-padded black sock liner especially running to the ankle to lock down the feet very comfortably and nicely. The inner sole of Nike Adapt BB is designed to cool. It represents the NIKE adapt app and the colours you can change the lights inside the sneaker too. On the right sole, it is printed as R and on the left sole, it is printed as L.

Heels of the Nike Adapt BB: The back of the heel of the Nike Adapt BB is glossy black plastic. Heel-counters that will lock you well into the shoe.

Sole: The sole of the Nike Adapt BB is white standard midsole; carry the entire battery and electronic motor. This is not design for a better look instead it is designed to protect the battery and electronic motor from any kind of harm, twist or bend.

Fit of Nike Adapt BB:  These Nike Adapt BB shoe does not seem to fit true to size at the time of first look. The pair of Nike Adapt BB comes in half size so, no matter what size you have you are good to go with these pairs. The main feature of the Nike Adapt BB is its electronic lacing system that can be adjusted in two ways. Either you can use the buttons on the midsole or by the Nike adapt app. Here, the front button of the midsole is for the tightening of the lace of the Nike adapt BB. However, the back button present on the midsole is for loosening the lace of the Nike adapt BB. Luckily, you also have an option to set it up according to your desire so, whenever you will put your feet into the pair of Nike Adapt BB the shoe will automatically go to your desired fit size.

What is the future of Nike?

 Nike Adapt has self lacing technology. Nike Adapt BB is the first updated performing product from Nike. This is a kind on increase in the products concerning the digital app of shoe and the permanently programmed app. However, the Fit Adapt system has brought a great revolution in the quality of the fit in the basketball as well as in the Fit Adapt. Moreover, Nike will step to bring this upheaval to the other sports and lifestyle products too. Each with exclusive strains of fit in diverse atmospheres.


Date of release

Nike Adapt BB with the Fit Adapt technology is available in the market since February 2019.

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