PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR

Background of PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR.

Whatever is visible in the PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR do not all get, Built on 90s Cell technology along with the latest updated designs and best performance and specifications. However, the design is the best combination of revolutionary shape and extended with a structured tongue and a prominent LQD-Cell in the heel region. Design is close to reality and pushed towards the boundaries. LQD-Cell AR is geometric design features with QR codes that give the experience of face value. It is a Mobile App sneaker, also known as burning shoes.   

puma ar


Many specifications make PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR as a future best sneaker. Which decided below.     


This PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR inspired by the 90s runner shape but designed with the updated and latest  



QR design upper made of synthetic overlay featuring graphics. Here, it is a semi-knitted breathable upper that makes it very soft and comfortable. Semi-knitted upper increases the breath-ability of the shoe and makes it super light in weight to experience the best.


It is super light because of the synthetic semi-knitted breathable upper. This upper decrease the weight of the shoes to give the sensation of the weightless sneakers. Moreover, light-weighted. It becomes the comfortable sneaker to experience during the game of casual day.    


PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR have a flexible sock-like collar that extends to a structured tongue. The tongue is a little long to give the support to the upper and fit to the feet. However, the tongue provides the reasonable crinkling and creasing so the shoe can fit perfectly to the feet.   

Lacing system:  

The lacing system is the system that makes the shoe to feet well to the feet. If the lacing system is not perfect, it results in the bad experience of sneakers. Here talking about the PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR lacing system, it is a very uniquely designed lacing system enhanced with the pieces of TPU which results in the perfect fit and provides the best support to the feet, considered as the positive point. 

Back area of Heels:  

One more positive point of the PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR is its heels. Heels are made of TPU piece which is the synthetic material. However, this TPU piece of material provides the best lockdown of the feet into the shoe and increases the stability of the feet in which you are into it. Moreover, it is a little secure and protected.

Heels material:  

PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR heel is a well bold LQD-Cell that offers stability and best softening. The soft heel makes the sneaker more loveable because the best cushioning helps in the stable run and casual walk.  


Zoned rubber outsole of PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR makes it more stable and durable. Rubber outsole is always the best in flexibility. However, due to the rubber outsole PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR becomes more stable and comfortable while on the walk or in the game.   

Unique Feature of PUMA LQD-Cell Origin AR:   

The Graphic QR form-strips present across the lateral side of the sneaker is unique. This a unique and different design and feature of the sneaker. That makes it different and unique among all.   


The branding of the PUMA is visible at the tongue tab of the shoe and looks very beautiful and nice.

Fit n feel:

The semi-knitted upper makes it super soft whereas the TPU material found at heels is much comfortable and relaxing. Moreover, the unique lacing system and the tongue of the shoe increase the fit and provides the best support to the feet. Rubber outer-sole makes the shoe little weightless and gives the ease will walking or running. This kind of sole increases stability and durability.   

Colors of the shoe: 

Everyone always looks for different and classy. Here, this sneaker is available in two colors, White and neon yellow. White can go with all kinds of dresses in casual use and gives the classic look. Whereas, neon yellow is a little fancy and attractive.

Price of launch:

The price of the shoe was $120 at the time of release, which was not much for this type of unique shoe.

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